Meet Amy

Owning a business is wonderful and challenging. That's why I created this site.

Hi, friend! I love puppies, fried pickles, and use finger guns WAY too often. I've been a business owner for over 5 years, and as a photographer, I've had a special advantage of making visual content that makes my business look polished, professional and invested. Not many business owners have the access and funds for professional images- Professional shoots can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000.

Also, stock these days? You get either pink glitter or a girl laughing at a salad. Big stock sites offer an overwhelming database, all shot by random photographers with different shooting and editing styles, impossible to use for a consistent brand. I love the smaller, curated sites from one single photographer, but all of them are overly feminine with way too much glitter. Neither of these are my style, and if you're here, chances are it's not yours either.

I want to make images that are more than just "pretty." I want them to feel lived in and real, yet still perfect for a professional brand. I keep it neutral with colors and genders and work hard to evoke the hygge lifestyle - to by cozy, comfortable, and content. If this describes your brand, I'm so, so glad you're here, and I can't wait to see what you do with my photos!