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I'm a graphic designer, and absolutely love using Ellis Stock photos for mockups and to give my social media feed an added punch of personality! My style is a little moodier and more lived in - and so are many of the brands that I work with - so normal stock photography was not cutting it. Ellis Stock Co. has a large variety of images & a categorized directory that makes it fast & easy to find what you're looking for! Not to mention that every photo is just freakin' gorgeous. Can't say enough great things about this membership service!

Carly of Carly Elaine Studios

I am absolutely in love with Ellis Stock Co. I feel like I finally found a stock site that is not only professional but also has personality. I craved the simplicity of having beautiful imagery for my promotional materials, social media & website without having to add photography onto my already long list of tasks. However, I couldn't find one that felt like my brand. I wanted honest livable imagery that wasn't full of sparkles and pink. I'm so so grateful that Ellis Stock Co. exists and I can take one more task off of my to do list!

Sarajane Case of Enneagram & Coffee

Attention to detail, amazing customer service, and a new take on the traditional stock photo!! LOVE AMY!

Lauren Dragon-Cook of Lauren Dragon-Cook

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